How to Prepare Accurate Information for COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Jun Xu
1 min readJun 12, 2020

It is hard for most people to remember all their contact events in recent weeks. If recalling today’s events would be much easier, then how about writing down our information about contacts at a daily interval?

The definition of a contact refers to a person who experienced any one of the following situations:

1. Face-to-face contact with you within one meter and for more than fifteen minutes;

2. Direct physical contact with you;

3. Other situations as indicated by local risk assessments.

Our contact information includes the names of the people we contacted and that of the places we visited, together with their telephone numbers and addresses if possible.

We could keep our contact records either on paper or on computer. A standard form by the public health system should help people to input their data.

The accurate data will enable contact tracing to begin promptly if we are confirmed with Covid-19. If we are not, there will be less privacy concerns as the information is in our own hands.



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