A Prediction about Human Evolution

*Physical evolution has its limits in the long term.

The fact that the Earth will not last forever poses the greatest challenge to all the lives on the planet. No matter how successfully life forms have physically evolved on the Earth, they will inevitably go extinct once their home planet has disappeared. Different directions of evolution must be chosen by any species with the ambition to discover the ultimate truth about the universe.

*The evolution of intelligent species is no longer physical but mental.

Driven by natural selection, physical evolution takes a long time because genetic characteristics are only passed on to offspring. In contrast, mental evolution can be accelerated by wills because knowledge can be shared with each other by means of speech, book and electronic data.

Thanks to intelligence, we have become the dominant species on the planet. Making continuous improvements in our intellectual ability, I believe, will help us not only deal with global crises like climate change but also thrive in bigger environments than the Earth’s.

*Intelligent revolutions are needed to speed up human evolution.

Happy learning is perhaps the best way to improve our brainpower. To start intelligent revolutions, I suggest providing everybody with so many books and films in digital form that most people would enjoy art and science for a whole life. All creative works should be free for everyone while their intellectual property must be protected.

If intelligent species ever fail in survival, it’s only because they haven’t got sufficient time to become intelligent enough. Let’s evolve mentally sooner than later.



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Jun Xu

A happy learner from China, whose ideas are free to be used for a better world.