Treat Yourself as an Asymptomatic Patient with COVID-19 to Protect Others

We know the covid-19 virus mostly spreads through close contacts between people. While close contacts are greatly limited in public, they are generally accepted at home. It is time to introduce transmission control into homes when a lockdown is in place or when the number of cases is escalating. Measures to reduce the risk of infection between households are similar to those in public. For example:

1. Keep physical distance from each other.

2. Wear face coverings.

3. Practice personal hygiene.

4. Maintain good ventilation.

5. Communicate through text rather than mouth.

6. Follow the instructions from local health departments.

Just treat yourself as an asymptomatic patient ready to infect your loved ones at any time. Then you’ll understand the importance of these measures. Your effort to interrupt transmission chains at home will not only protect yourself and your family but also the frontline workers and their family.



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Jun Xu

Jun Xu

A happy learner from China, whose ideas are free to be used for a better world.